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Free Web Site Providers

Step 3 : Build your own web site.

Without a doubt the best way to get more referrals is to build your own web site.Belive me this is a easier than it sounds.
To get you started we have listed some of the best FREE web site providers avaliable.

All you need to do is click on the links below and sign up.With a little work and by following our guide you will soon have your own web site.

Before you start consider these points :

Decide on a topic or interest for your web site.
Make sure it's about something that you are interested in.
Keep your design simple.
Make sure that people can read it(choice of colours) and navigate around it.
Flashy animations and pictures slow down your site.
Give people a reason to come back to your site.
Update and save your work on a regular basis.
If you are not familiar with HTML then use the templates provided.
If you want to see the HTML for any page then use your browser tool bar.Click on View and then Source.This is also a good way of learning HTML.
It is probably not enough just to have a site about earn as you surf.You need another topic as well.
Visit our other sites for examples of different topics.
Have fun.

If you need any help when setting up your web site then feel free to ask. Just send an e-mail with your questions and we will try to help.

Ref Maker
A simple to use and free web site.Get your own promotional website right here. All they ask is that you sign up for at least one Get Paid to Surf program through them. Then, just complete the sign up form, and your promotional RefMaker website will be created automatically, within seconds! You've got nothing to lose and many referrals to gain!

Basic Point
Get a free 15mb web site . Make your homepage - and your account will be credited with 1 cent every time your Browser opens their site.Click on banners on their pages and your account will be credited with 5 cents for every click.Visit their Affiliate page and click and register - you can earn unlimited amount of money.Add Sites service - you can add different commercial sites web addresses and earn 5 cents for every successful transmission to their database.Put their banner on your web page - you can earn 5 cents for every visit to their site from their banner plus additional 5 cents if visitors join their free membership. Get referrals and build your downline . Visit their Banner Page - you can earn 5 cents for every click on banners once a day. There are many banners, so your earnings can be very big. Site ID = Moneygo
Better than free,they pay you for every visitor to your site!Sign up via the banner at the top of the site.They will also reward you for helping to build the TerraShare Community by paying you a commission for referring your friends or any personal page sites you find on the Web. You'll get paid based on the amount of traffic generated by sites you refer directly and sites your referrals refer! And there is NO LIMIT to the number of referrals you can make. Plus, earn \$1 for each of your first five referrals--a total bonus.
20 MB FREE Web space. Choose from over 13 sub-domains or host your own. Free email, instant messaging and more all built around your online community. Upgrade service available.No annoying pop-up adds.A very easy to use template is avaliable,you really don't need any expirence to create your own site.
Over 20 million free domain names with web-based email, tons of web space, easy web builder, and top notch web tools--and no annoying pop-up ads!
50 megs of free Web space... all the tools and a short sub-domain!One of the best free web site providers avaliable.
Offering 10 MB in free hosting with email and more. Can upgrade site for small monthly fee. Speedy network. Homepages
Join and build a home page within your area of interest!
Administers free Web space for small businesses and individuals. Find membership information and frequently asked questions.
Free Web space hosting for personal or commercial use, providing the content is legal and rated for general audiences.

All My
Put your name in front of a great domain like,, etc. You also get free e-mail, guestbook, and stats.
20 MB Free web site hosting for your personal or business site, site builder, unlimited email, cool tools and more. VERY short sub-domain--COOL!

Stormloader Homepages
Pop-up banners or ads--Up to 10 MB in storage for FREE!
Company offers free Web hosting to small businesses as well as site design tools, traffic logs, secure shopping and package tracking.

One of the oldest and biggest names in free Web space hosting offers 11MB of space, plus free technical support. Sign up for service.

Get In Your Crib Music Sites
Free website for any music fan. 5MB+ guestbook, webboard, counters. Only requirement is it must be music related in content.
Homepage neighborhood offers 2MB of space. No advertising or business names are allowed, and a link must be provided to

Provides free business web hosting. Links to web tutorials and account management area for registered members.

Work on a site jointly with friends and colleagues. Receive 3MB disk space, and for each new person who joins get an additional 100KB space.

The Only Source 4U
Free 5MB web pages no banner ads, no pop-ups, absolutely FREE!
5 mb of space, FTP Access, Free Advertising, Easy and Friendly User Interface, Java/IRC Chat, Easy Backup and Flexible Quotas

MSN Talk City
Templates and other tools piped straight from Mr. Gates himself.

Inc. Online
Offers free Web site hosting for businesses. Registration requires users to have an existing email address.

Deaf Vision
Administers free Web hosting services for nonprofit organizations that serve the deaf community. Includes a FAQ.
Register at this server for free web hosting space, POP3 email accounts, and mailing lists. Browse the service descriptions.

Free Sites Network
Advertiser-supported free web site hosting. Has an easy sign-up form, technical support, and policy details.

Free Web Space Providers Guide
Offers a comprehensive guide to finding free space on the Web. Find HTML tips, free email links and message boards.

Net Guide - Free Web-Hosting Services
Contains an informational article about free Web-hosting services. Find links to providers and reviews.

OneStop Network
Offers 2MB of Web space, with very relaxed restrictions on the contents of pages. Secure a domain name or sign up for Web-hosting services.

Set up a free homepage, get free email and enjoy humor, horoscopes, e-cards, classifieds and personals. Browse the directory of homepages.

Ostriches On Line
Offers free Web space to organizations that fit the owners' guidelines. Find the application guidelines.

Personal Web Pages
Check out the free Web hosting services offered by telecommunications giant AT&T. Look into the application process.

Build or upload a free business Web site. Find tools to create and maintain it without knowing HTML. Free Web hosting!

Provides free Web hosting for sites 10MB or smaller. Includes an automated registration process.
25 Mb Disk Space, Standard Perl/CGI/Scripts, Free E-Commerce, Site Builder, New Domain Registration File Manager Utility and Graphical Site Statistics.

Furnishes 11MB of space, plus the use of page-building and housekeeping tools enabling quick and easy web site creation and maintenance.
Community-based provider of free Web hosting space. Use unlimited space to build a personal or business Web site, and get free building tools.

Free Web calendar features individual calendaring, public or private group calendaring, task management tools and a searchable event directory.

Provides a list of international free Web space providers. Click on a country name to get more details.

Register for free Web space to start a homepage directory. Includes use of a homepage editor and an uploading tool to update a site.

AOL Hometown
Trusted name in Internet services provides instructions for setting up a free homepage. Also, browse or search member sites.

Offers free Web hosting services for small businesses. Browse the business directory.

Beseen - Home Pages Central
Discover what can be created with Beseen's free Web page service by exploring member pages. Then log in and build one.
Provides free Web space to book clubs around the United States. Find links to bookstores.

Check out the free Web hosting services offered. Find out the three steps to free service.

123 Go Global
FREE Web Site for Commercial Web Designers & Resellers to start or expand their web design business! Many cgi scripts available.

Achievement International
Ostriches On Line
is delighted to make available free home pages to people and organizations who, we feel, would benefit from such a service.

ArrowWeb specializes in providing free web site services to non-profit organizations desiring an internet web presence.

College Club
The College Club vision is to use communication technology to create the most robust virtual collegiate communities.

Free Web Page Creator For All Kids plus The Online Web Site Creator for personal and business sites. This is a two weeks free offer

Offers Free Homepage and E-Mail Accounts. Free registration will give you up to 2 megs of space for building your homepage. Over 18,000 members and growing.

Food Professionals
100 Kb Free Space For Food Professionals

6 MB storage--You can use this space to create your own web site by uploading your own files and graphics for FREE!!!!!!!