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Search Engine List

Step 4 : Promote your web site by submiting it to the top search engines.

OK so you have built your web site and now you want some visitors.
Up to 80% of your visitors will eventually find you by using a search engine.However to get listed you need to submit your site to the search engines first.
There a thousands of search engines to chose from but the good news is that most of us only use the top few.

We have listed the most popular search engines.To submit your site just click on the link and follow the instructions.

Things to consider before submiting your site :

Have you completed the META TAGS for your site ?If you are not sure what to do then look at the source code for any site and use them.
You may also use the create META TAGS tool on the HTML Tag Guide page
Make sure that your Meta Tags are relevant for your sites content.
Don't forget to use the KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION correctly.
Have a look at your competitors Meta Tags and use them as a guide.
There are programs that you can use to create Meta Tags,your free web site provider will also provide a tool to do this.
There are lots of programs that will submit your site to the search engines,feel free to use these if you wish.
The best way is to submit your site manually to the top search engines.This way you know it's been done !
Re-submit your site every couple of months.
Be patient , it can take a few weeks before your site is listed.

Check the search engines to find who links to your site. Enter your URL to generate a link popularity report, detailing the number of sites linking to your URL.

Try Out Our Free URL Submit Tools :

Submit Your Site (1)
Submit your site to some of the most popular search engines for free.

Website URL:

Email Address:

Submit Your Site (2)
Just enter your name, email address, and your site's address (we don't record any of this info for our use, it's strictly required by the search engines) and then multiple new "windows" will display, each having submitted your site to a different search engine. For FREE! Just click your browser back button when the site submit is finished.

Your Name:
Your Email:
Your URL:

The Top Search Engines
 Find this:
Alta Vista
THE KING of search engines, indexes 250 million webpages!

Uses FAST search technology. Claims 300MM pages.Partner site to
All The Web
Try AOL Now!  up to 700 Hours FREE AOL
If you want to give them a go for the free 700 hours online then use the button.
If you want to submit your site then click on the name.
Ask Jeeves!Ask Jeeves
If you want to submit your site to Ask Jeeves then you have to send them an e-mail.If you want to find out how to do this then just ask him and you will be told how.
Search the web:
EuroSeek is Europe's premium portal, offering the first European search engine, available in ALL European languages, 40 in all! EuroSeek also offers one of the world's best most complete web directories, now with more than 1.5 million web sites, organized into 200,000+ categories by more than 22,000 editors. The site also features free EuroSeek mail, an award-winning media guide with local news from around the world and channels for interactive & animated weather, entertainment, students, music and much more!
Indexes 120MM pages, rated as one of the best SEs. Owns easy to use WebCrawler,a favorite.
120MM pages. Adds weight to frequent citations. Search made simple
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Affiliate Info
Paid rankings give commercial relevance.

Search the Web:

Lycos and Hotbot
Lycos-"Wolf spider" (Latin). Over 55MM web pages.Owns Hotbot-with 110MM pages, parallel, scalable. Search a domain,eg. [.edu].
Discover the Difference: Northern Light SearchNorthern Light
200MM, plus a special pay collection.
   Search Tips
Clean design for this fast growing new heavyweight.
[ Yahoo! ] options

1MM sites. Web pioneer. Such a huge directory, it is a virtual SE.

Domain Search - Advanced Search - Tips    
A More Complete Search Engine List

7Search -Pay for position SE.
Acclaim Search -by ValueCom.
AllCrawl -"Why Choose, When You Can Have It All?"
All The Web -Claims alot of pages.
AltaVista -THE KING of search engines! Also offers translation.
Amnesi -Search internet server names (DNS names). 
Ask Jeeves -Uses natual language input. Mediocre.
DejaNews -UseNet newsgroups, here's their power search page. 
Deoji -Includes tools for WebTV.
DevSearch -The web developer's SE. 
DirectHit -One of the biggies, owned by Ask Jeeves.
Excite -Rated as one of the best SEs.
Findit2000 -
FindWhat -Pay for position. 
Frequent Finders -Search for words in the actual URLs. 
Funkycat -International search engine with a broad index.
Google -Huge and accurate, a favorite. Weighs popularity.
Go2Net -
GoTo -#1 pay for position SE, high commercial relevance.
HotBot -Scalable. Search a domain, eg. [.edu]. 
iBound -
Info Hiway
InfoSeek -Owned by Disney.
IXQuick -
Jump City
Kanoodle -Pay for position SE.
Link Centre
Link Master
Links2Go -Most-referenced pages by topics; it's also personalizable.
Look Up
Lost Link/ Web Links -Great site, adds links instantly... with banners! 
Lycos -"Wolf spider" (Latin). Another SE biggie.
MSN -Compulsory listing.
Nexor Aliweb -
NorthernLight -Recommended, plus a special pay collection. 
Pathfinder/ Time-Warner -Time, People, Money, Fortune, etc...
Reference.Com -UseNet resources
Rocket Links -Pay for position SE.
Scrub The Web -Robot SE claims to have indexed 80 MM pages. Search.Com -CNET. Infoseek SE, own db for subjects. 
Search4Info -
Search Hound -Pay for position.
Search King -Indexes instantly. Surfers votes determine ranking. 
Snap -Advanced setting allows excluding words, eg. xxx, porn, etc..
Splat Search -
Subjex -
Super Cyber Search -Pay for position.
ToggleBot -10MM URLs. MetaSearch, Directory, Auction Search, etc..
Web Direct -
WebSearch2K -New SE, pay for position, no adult. 
Where2Go -TOP 20 search engine, directory of URLs. 
WWWHunter -
Zen Search -
Z Search-The Last Name In Searching! Search their huge database, get free email or use their Java Chat interface.

UK Search Engines

Search the UK:

AltaVista UK provides the most comprehensive search experience on the Web, with a UK and Ireland focus.
Excite UK
The excite seach site for the UK.
Lycos UK
Your personal internet guide for the UK.
Search Engine UK is a leading provider of fully managed, hosted search for your web site, vortal or portal. Using their proprietary technology you can set-up your own searchengine in a matter of minutes, enabling you client to quickly find what they are looking for. You can also search the Internet using their free country-specific search tools.
UK Plus
UK Plus is your safe and sensible guide to the World Wide Web. UK Plus is designed to help you find what you want, quickly and easily.
UK Max
Powered by Inktomi, UKMax allows users to search only pages within the .uk domain or perform a worldwide search. It also offers some directory listings, regional news content, weather reports, and portal features such portfolio tracking.
Yahoo UK and Ireland
Mirago is a comprehensive Search Engine and Portal for the UK and Ireland
Espotting is a brand new, innovative search engine and free internet email service that gives you highly relevant, European results and the chance to win loads of prizes every day.
UK Index
The comprehensive index of UK Internet sites.
News Now
Search up to 30 days worth of headlines from nearly 150 news sources. Especially aimed at UK users.Quality news headlines updated every five minutes, every day.
Somewhere Near
Somewhere Near is the UK's leading Geographic Search Engine, a guide for leisure or business travellers looking for places to visit, food, accommodation and more .
Every Day UK
The most comprehensive links site in the UK.
Search Gate
Over two million edited links, searchable directory for all people. Free web sites, jobs, win prizes and competitions, free stuff, chat, news and celebrity forums.
Celtic Nations Internet Search Directory for Wales, Cornwall, Ireland and Manx.
Click Partner
Directory of affiliate programmes in the UK.
Medi Search
Mirago Health offers a comprehensive Medical Search Engine for the UK and Ireland.
UK Kelkoo is your shopping guide on the Internet. Compare prices before you buy at leading online stores to find the best deals for books, music, films, computing, travel, games/toys and much more.
Splut,a fast and free directory of UK websites.
Other Search Engines

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