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Paid To Search

Fancy getting paid to search the web ?
Well good news ,there are certain companys who will pay you to do exactly that.
You will get paid for searching the web and visiting certain key sites.

Basic Point
Make your homepage - and your account will be credited with 1 cent every time your Browser opens their site.Click on banners on their pages and your account will be credited with 5 cents for every click.Visit their Affiliate page and click and register - you can earn unlimited amount of money.Add Sites service - you can add different commercial sites web addresses and earn 5 cents for every successful transmission to their database.Put their banner on your web page - you can earn 5 cents for every visit to their site from their banner plus additional 5 cents if visitors join their free membership. Get referrals and build your downline . Visit their Banner Page - you can earn 5 cents for every click on banners once a day. There are many banners, so your earnings can be very big.
This was the first program of it's type.You get paid for searching the net and clicking on links.You also get paid for your referrals.Get $5.00 just for signing up and an extra $2.00 for every person that signs up under you.Earn $5.00 just for joining! Earn $.03 for every search! Earn $.03 every time you click on a Net Guide keyword! Earn $2.00 for referring any friend, family member or colleague who joins! Earn money as your friends search too!Earn over $20.00 by signing up with ePilot partners! This is a superb program and well worth joining.
Net Flip
NetFlip pays you cash for signing up for free stuff, searching the web, shopping online, and much more! It's free to sign up and you get $3 in your account when you join. The best part is NetFlip has Fast Cash Offers that pay you over $200 in less than a hour! NetFlip even has a search engine that actually pays you for visiting thousands of websites.You will get paid a certain amount for visiting different web sites. You also get paid for your referrals.They will pay you an additional $0.10 for every 10 paid searches by your Direct Referrals ,$0.02 for every 10 paid searches by your Extended Referrals and 2% of the cash back for every purchase ANY of them make .
Search Cactus
This is a new search engine with big ideas.They will pay you for using their search engine .Get paid $2.00 for signing up! Get paid for using this search engine! Get paid for referring family and friends! 25% for direct referrals.Have a chance at winning computers, cash and more!Get the best search results on the web!